This technology is here to stay

The time is now

We help you create your 3D business space at a time the 3D world is up for grabs.

Your clients can walk around and interact through a mobile application with a realistic version of a 3D object representation of your actual product.

Augmented Reality is an enabling technology that can socialize your products and create more engaged relationships with clients hungry to access emerging shopping technologies.

AR mobile applications can also shorten the time of product development and reduce the cost of iteration.

Or you can launch a focused marketing campaign before production to assess the potential for sales!

You can transport your products and ideas in 3D from your shop to the middle of your customer’s living rooms through an easy to use App that works on most mobile devices.

You can create product presence in your client’s room and they can walk around your product.


If you have the 3D models and textures available, we just upload these on the App, significantly reducing the development time and of course cost!

There is no hassle or requirement either to integrate the App into your existing systems.

The consumer segment will be the largest source of spending for these technologies over the next 5 years (IDC, January 2019).

Mixed reality has shown to be up to 30 times more effective in engaging users than mobile advertisements (McKinsey&Co quote on Retinad’s findings, October 2017).

We can budget for off-the-shelf or bespoke interactive applications to deliver a particular design. We strive to serve your business strategy at the core of the App development process.

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