We are a Mixed Reality Studio

Based in London, Global Reach


We create your products in 3D and easy to use augmented reality smartphone Apps that fuel new business growth.


The App transports your products in 3D from your shop to the middle of your customers’ living rooms and office spaces.


For your customers to enjoy the presence of your products at home.

Our Services

Multi-disciplinary skillset to serve your needs

Your Products in 3D

We create your products in 3D, so your customers can interact, touch or walk around them.

3D Image capture - Realistic Look

Your Product 3D models created from photographs at our mobile photogrammetry studio.

3D Manual Modelling

Manual modelling and texturing using state-of-the-art commercial tools.

Powerful Development Environment

We use the powerful Unity engine to bring your App to life enhancing your products with lights, sound, animation or special effects.

Maximize Customer Access

Scale your effort: We integrate your 3D model products to your website.


Expertise accross iOS and Android mobile platforms to ensure you reach existing and potential customers.

Leverage your existing work

If you have the 3D models and textures available, we just upload these on the App significantly reducing the development time and of course cost!

No hassle or requirement to integrate the App into your existing systems.

Enabler Technology, More Meaningful Relationships with your Customers

Customer Appetite
There is a growing trend in the appetite of customers seeking to access seamless emerging technologies in their shopping process.
Consumers Want More
The consumer segment will be the largest source of spending for these technologies over the next 5 years (IDC, January 2019).
Active Shoppers
Augmented Reality Transforms passive shoppers into active engaged customers seeking immersive experiences in their shopping process.
The New Showroom
Online Retail is rapidly changing, your client’s home and office is the new Showroom. Augmented Reality transports your product to the hands of your customers.
Early Adoption
Experimenting early on Socializes the commercial possibilities for your products with customers, opening the opportunity to learn how to scale tomorrow's innovations.
The Opportunity
Ideation, economical prototyping, Market Testing and identification of opportunities with a listening engaged quorum of customers.