When French artist Maxence de Bagneux told me about the breaking ground spin he wanted to take for his new artistic brand, I thought Augmented Reality (“AR”) could be a strong complement.

Maxence de Bagneux launched MudMud Studio in December 2018 exhibiting at Gallerie Wanted in Paris. The exhibition included Maxence’s paintings and combined wood & clay ceramic art pieces. The most relevant of the six art spaces at the gallery exhibiting his creations was the tribal spirit for the brand glorified in the ceramic totem combining clay and wood pieces raising as high as 2.5 meters. The seasoned artist aims for MudMud studio to mix into single art pieces the beauty of different ancient artistic crafts.

Shy of stopping there, the brand looks to the future and use technology’s full potential. Rendergon co-designed with Maxence de Bagneux an augmented reality smartphone app for his customers to combine three art pieces and construct a standing tall tribal spear. This gave clients and friends the opportunity to be reflective and think about a preferred art combination before buying. You can freely download and try the MudMud Studio’s AR App here.

I had the opportunity to join the well attended inaugural exhibition at the gallery and get the impressions from an energetic forthcoming crowd on AR and the app. We can’t wait to see what Maxence de Bagneux’s vision brings for follow up exhibitions.