Artist Maxence de Bagneux was covered by Vivre Cote Paris magazine (No 63) in June 2019.



Maxence explains what inspires him, the origins and essence of the MudMud brand and why he chose commissioning Rendergon to create an Augmented Reality App to commemorate MudMud’s inaugural launch of the brand and exhibition in Paris.



“…Born under the Mud Mud Studio label, these art pieces are assembled and stacked in a construction game combining wood, ceramics and new technologies. Supported by the creation of the [augmented reality] application MudMud AR-Studio, the project invites to manufacture and customize the art piece of his choice but especially allows to project it in real time in its environment, from a screen. An initiative that recalls the beliefs of Maxence de Bagneux to open new areas, mix techniques and styles. The same impetus that led him to make his art studio a stone’s throw from Paris a new area of ‚Äč‚Äčexploration, where art and rural farming could combine in beauty.”


“…In the large workshop of Maxence de Bagneux, an accumulation of the different collections, with a series of totems, mixed technique, wood, red clay and white gres, some of this art work to be found on the MudMud AR-Studio application.”


“…Portrait of the creator Maxence de Bagneux whose series of modular totems, mixed technique of wood and black gres, was exhibited at the Wanted Gallery in Paris under the artistic direction of Alice Revet. Under the label MudMud Studio, these pieces are assembled at will. The [augmented reality] application MudMud AR-Studio allows the user to create but also consider the compositions of his choice for the art piece in real time.”




You can freely download and try the MudMud Studio’s AR App here.